it is understood that this photograph - taken outside St.Mary's school - dates from early in the war - possibly 1940

left to right
Back row
J G Kirkland; F Smith; G Woodworth; A R Brockley; C L Jeffery; A H Martin; S Wilson; C Bennett; W J Scarff; R E Oney
3rd row
W Jones; W H Gregg; C H Moors; W O Hughes; W S Reynolds; S K Thompson; Capt. R L Sadler W Hird-Jones; C Smith
2nd row
Insp. Crosby; P C Wakefield; N E Mills; S Moore; F R Derry; A Halliwell; F G Clarke; A C Phillips; J H Moss; G H Reading; A Hirst; H Griffiths, Insp Foley
Front Row
J G Williams; F W Hooper; E Bancroft; H D Bell; W Paul; A J Warner; E T Wilson; J E Owen; F Stanley; F L Odel larger image