The Baronetcy interlinked with the Manor of Upton

  • Baronetcy created in 1617 for Sir Roland Egerton, later MP for Wootton Basset. He married Bridget, daughter and heiress of Baron Grey de Wilton Ancient ancestor of 1st baronet, William le Belward took surname Egerton from a lordship he inherited. Sir Roland died in 1646
  • 2nd Baronet, Sir John Egerton 1657 - 1674
  • 3rd Baronet, also Sir John Egerton 1657 - 1729
  • 4th Baronet, Sir Holland Egerton 1686 - 1730 (distinguished antiquary)
  • 5th Baronet, Sir Edward Egerton 1719 - 1744
  • 6th Baronet, Sir Thomas Grey Egerton 1721 - 1756*
  • 7th Sir Thomas Grey Egerton 1749 - 1814 (created Earl of Wilton in 1801).
* Brother of Sir Edward, otherwise title was inherited by eldest surviving son

The Egerton family line can be traced back to the Norman Conquest and William de Belward who lived in the 11th century during the reign of William Rufus, King of England.

The son was William le Belward, lord of ye moity of Malpass, who married the daughter of the Earl of Chester.

Names 'le Belward' and 'de Malpas' recur frequently amongst descendants.
Family motto is'Virtute non Armis Fido' or 'I trust in virtue not arms'.