The cottages - corner of Caughall Road / Long Lane

The corner field in Upton Heath known as ' the Horse Pasture' had been acquired by Hesketh from Egerton in the 18th century. By the 1872 OS survey a property and outhouse had been built on Long Lane - presumably Heath Cottage - by 1881 the home of spinster St.Mary's schoolteacher Emma Frith and lodgers. The corner field was now owned by Robert Spear Hudson ( a manufacturing chemist) of Bache Hall and he sold to Ben Roberts of Oakfield in 1885. A row of four cottages were then built in 1891 possibly for Ben Roberts estate workers.

The Roberts estate was put on the market in 1913 and at this time the southerly end of the former 'Horse Pasture' along with the cottages was sold to Mrs. Martha Dean of Upton Mill. It was acquired with sitting tenants (HDutton, TGarner, WWilliams, PCBratt, GBrown and JBaird. It may have been at this time that the 'Heath Cottage' dwelling had its name changed to 'Nos: 1 & 2 Mill View. Possibly the Deans wanted all 6 dwellings to house the growing force of mill workers. With the later demise of the mill and the family leaving the area the cottages were gradually sold into private householder ownership.