Caughall Road - the big houses

The 'Horse Pasture' and the next field north in Upton Heath had been acquired by Hesketh from Egerton in the 18th century. Stretching north to the large pond that exists to this day. Ben Roberts of Oakfield acquired these two fields in 1885 and may have developed properties soon after for his estate managers.

The 1898 OS survey shows 3 large detached houses - Rosedene, Heathfields and ?? . Around 1935 two further properties were built - The Warren in part of Rosedene's grounds and The spinney - the latter for the daughter from Rosedene. A gap between these two remained giving access to the fields behind.

The five houses all belonging to the era when you weren't seen out unless properly dressed, had an interconnecting pathway through their back gardens. Facilities such as tennis courts could then be shared and garden parties were frequent.

Dr. Ham - with Shell and a key player in setting up Shell Research at Thornton - was a keen gardener and responsible for setting out Heathfields gardens. The last owner of ??(the first house) was motorcyclist Bill Smith.

Rosedene, The Warren and The Spinney remain - the first two properties having been demolished in recent years for a new housing estate