Civil Defence Personnel 1942
from l to r
back row
Parker(FAP) Sadler(M) Swaisland(MD) Denning(FAP) Smith(FAP) Hugh Pratt(FAP)
one row from back
Jim Harrison(FAP) Parry(MD) Harrop(FAP) Marchant(MD) Smith(FAP) Sutton(FAP) Cresswell(FAP) Leales?(FAP) Davis(FAP) Lightfoot(FAP)
one row in from front
Chimes??(FAP) Oswald(MN) Collins(MN) Boughly?(MN) Griffiths(MN) Woodcock(AD) Dandy(AD) Bradbury(AD) Fruan??(MN) Braham??(MN)
Wilson(Tele) Cassady(FAP)
front row
A.Chimes??(MN) Pearson(ML) Musgrave(AL) RevTOCEast(FAP) Dr.Whitlaw(i/c Mobile Unit) Samuel(GL) Pat Clay(TN) Matthews(TN) Lloyd(DL) J.Davies(DAL) Lilian Pratt(AD) EADavies(MN)

can anyone explain clarify the names (taken from handwriting) and the initials ?? - our guess is their role eg Military Nurse ??

copy of photo courtesy of Peter Clay. Photograph attributed to H.S.Woodward of Chester