Upton Golf Club

The Golf Club was founded in July 1934 when Mr C.J.F.Owen of Upton purchased the two vacant neighbouring estates of “Upton Lawn”, then owned by Sir John Frost of Frost Flour Mills; and “The Oaks”, owned by Mr Andrew Crompton, a cotton broker, for the princely sum of £4,500.

Having an area that totalled 65 acres, Mr Owen called together a dozen of his colleagues and friends at “The Oaks” and the beginnings of the original 9 hole Upton by Chester Golf Club was formed. 9 circles were mown as the greens on the grazing land of “The Oaks” estate with plant pots used as the holes and garden canes as flag sticks, with the tennis court in front of the house being converted to a putting green (which is now the 18th green). It was also agreed that the greens “should be roped off” against cattle. The inaugural meeting of the club, where Mr C.E Nield was elected to the chair, was held at 8pm.on Tuesday July 3rd 1934. Mr Owen (later elected Vice Chairman) offered the meeting access to the course, parking for members cars in the yard and the use of certain outbuildings of “The Oaks” for use as a temporary club house. Mr G.A Samual (later elected Hon.Secretary) reported that he and Mr Owen had mapped out a possible 9 hole course and had estimated expenditure during the first year (1934) would be £30 and £150 for the following year. He also announced that 60 people had expressed an interest in joining and suggested that for the period ending March 1935 a subscription of one guinea (£1.05p) would seem appropriate. The meeting agreed that a club be formed to be called the Upton by Chester Golf Club and that a joining fee should be levied as soon as the membership reached one hundred or thereabouts. The first full Committee was also elected. On the 23rd of July, 77 subscriptions had been paid with another 93 applicants for membership pending and in order to exclude “undesirables” the committee agreed that the Vice Captain, Hon. Sec., and Hon.Treasurer should scrutinize all applications. By the 31st July the Club had 154 paid subscriptions and by mid August this had risen to 210 when discussion took place to perhaps limit membership now, but as plans were in the pipeline to extend the course from 9 to 18 holes a temporary limit of 250 members was agreed with boarding school boys being granted partial membership of 10/6d (52.5 p) per annum.(By the 13th September membership had risen to 258 with a further 50 applications on the waiting list.) Also during that July, it was agreed to open the course for play on 4th August with green fees being fixed at 1s 6d ( 7½ new pence) for 18 holes ( ie.2 rounds of 9 holes).Mr Basil Neild was elected as the clubs first Captain with Sir Charles Cayzer, Bt. MP (1935-1939) as President.

The formal club photograph is from c1951 enlarged - not available on-line