The Upton-by-Chester Horticultural Society

The Society are currently preparing their own history records - the following is a scrapbook collection of material provided by others.

Date unknown - any ideas ? - a cheese & wine social at the Village Hall
Committee members - Len Evans; Betty Hayward; Bill Golding (President); John Pritchard
Sid Brown; Reg Morris (Chairman); David Pendlebury; Midge Norrington; Norah Yelland
Joe Buckle; Marg Morrison; Frank Beckett.

again date unknown ??
Upton Horticultural Society presented the gift of a cup to be used by children in the Society's Autumn Show, to retiring chairman - Mr Reg Morris. The cup was given as an expression of thanks for Mr. Morris's services to the society as chairman for 5 years and 40 years association with the society.
Pictured Norah Yelland & Midge Norrington of the Lady's Committee with Mrs Morris; John Pritchard (Vice-president) ; Joe Buckle (chairman) and Reg Morris.

at the 1986 Show... The men lunch....

..while the ladies wait outside

May 7th 1983 sees the opening of the Society's hut

back row - Ernie Springett; Mary Morris; Bill Golding; Sid Brown
middle row - Geoff Newton; Jack Pritchard; Reg Morris; George Holland (sec); Dr Michael Brambell (of the Zoo); Mervin Garside; David Pendlebury (Treasurer since 1981)
front row - Joe Buckle; Nora Yelland; Charles Joinson