Ben Roberts smallholding

A pre-WW1 view across what is now Wealstone Park - with the Mill in the background.

The area was farmland before Millview School, the Youth Club and Wealstone Lane Park were established. The last farmer was Ben Roberts who lived in Canadian Avenue, Hoole and farmed here from an unknown date up to the post-WW2 period. He kept dairy cows, pigs and horses. The milk was sold to the diary on Brook Lane.

The date of the wooden shed known as 'the Pavillion' is not known but the brick shippon was built immediately post-WW2 with the help of several local children. Hilary Thomas who provided the photographs shown here recollects carry many hundreds of bricks due to her sheer love of the farm and particularly its horses.


from l. to r. Flash who pulled the milk cart; Hilary on Punch; and Tangy