1960s nostalgia

1965 Rose Queen

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backrow (l to r)
- Helen (or Judith) Allman; ???; Glenys Chiswell; ?Church?;
Mr Guest(Insp.of Schools) Brenda Southward(nee Evans)- Rose Queen;
?? ; ?Scally; Susan? ; Judith(or Helen) Allman; ??
frontrow (l to r)
- ?Scally?; Helen Green; ?? ; ?? ; Lesley Futcher ; ?? ; ?? ; Helen Walton?

Janet Scanlon was the outgoing Rose Queen - (she let us know via the website guestbook - thanks)

Upton Athletic - photo sometime just prior to 1965

backrow (l to r)
Graham Strange; Gareth Hughes; Stuart Crawford; David Berry;
front row with cup
Brian Martin; Dennis Evans
with thanks to David Berry for posting these names into the website guestbook

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