Upton-by-Chester & district
twinning with Arradon in France

Upton-by-Chester has had links with the 'Morbihan' area of Brittany since 1987 when Upton High School and College Gilles Gahinet in Arradon, near Vannes, started a School exchange. Over the years, almost one thousand students and their families have been involved in the exchange programme. This has been so successful that the Commune of Arradon and the Upton-by-Chester Parish Council decided to extend the links to the whole community and in 1992 the Twinning Charter was signed. The Upton-by-Chester Community Links has had the full support of the Parish Council right from the beginning, but is financially independent. The Committee organises a number of fund-raising functions and has a thriving '100's Club', and on two occasions has secured European Union funding for special exchange projects. oSince 1992, the two Twinning Committees have worked closely together to organise a orich programme of links, visits and exchanges that have involved a growing number of people from Arradon and from Upton-by-Chester. Each year there is a coach visit to Brittany of Upton residents, and a return visit of people from Arradon. These reciprocal exchange visits have been the highlight of the twinning and have created strong links and great friendships which augur well for the future. In May and June 2002, Arradon and Upton-by-Chester celebrated the tenth Anniversary of the twinning and hope that in the next ten years new links will be explored as the two Committees are keen to welcome newcomers and new ideas.

    from left..
  • Charlie Holmes Upton Royal British Legion
  • Yves Besnard French Consul
  • Monsieur Gall Mayor of Arradon
  • Gerald Grant Chair Upton Twinning
  • Jacque Kercadis Chair Arradon Twinning
  • Eric Delaney Sec Upton Twinning
  • Michel Pelissier Vice Chair Upton Twinning

Gift of a telephone box to Arradon in 1995