1.      Name.


The group shall be called the “The Upton-by-Chester Local History Group.

2.      Objects of the Group


The group shall promote and advance local community awareness of the local history of the Upton-by-Chester area. This shall be done by providing an opportunity for its members to share their interests in the local history and to participate by discussion, research and the preparation and presentation of papers, websites, documents, photographs, recollections, etc.  The group may also involve itself in the production of books, pamphlets, and exhibits as may from time to time be appropriate. It shall also aim to record and provide for future generations and the community a proper and accurate record of the activities of the inhabitants of Upton-by-Chester and the immediate surrounding area. The group may also undertake the dissemination of its collective knowledge for general benefit.


3.      Membership.


Shall be open to all regardless of nationality, political persuasion, religious opinion, race or colour. There shall be two classes of membership – individual and family. Voting rights under family membership shall be limited to two attendees. A member is deemed to be a person who is named on the membership list and has paid their subscription. Members shall notify any change of address to the committee. At the AGM the Group may honour an ‘out of area’ member who has made significant contributions to the Group – by making them an ‘Honorary Life Member’.


4.      Subscription.


Members shall pay subscriptions as shall be determined initially at the launch meeting and subsequently by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. The subscription will be due each 1 October.


5.      Management.


A committee will manage the Group. The committee will be elected at the first meeting and subsequently at the AGM by a simple majority of attending members. The committee will consist of a chairman, treasurer, secretary and four other members – with or without specific responsibilities as agreed by the meeting. Members may from time to time be co-opted to the committee by the committee.  At least 3 committee members are required for a committee meeting to be quorate.  Decisions shall be passed on simple majority. All Committee meetings are to be minuted and records kept for inspection by members. The Chairman (or their nominee) shall chair each committee meeting and their ruling on points of order shall be final. At an AGM the Group may appoint a President who is well respected within both the local community and within Cheshire Local History circles and thereby bring status to the Group.

6.      General Meeting


The Annual General Meeting will take place in November each year and members will receive the Annual Report from the officers of the Group, hold elections and vote on whatever amendments to the constitution may be deemed necessary. Extraordinary General Meetings can be called by a committee decision or by a request from at least ten ordinary members submitted in writing to the Secretary. At least three weeks notice for any general meeting is to be given to all members in writing. At least ten members are needed for a General Meeting to be Quorate. All general meetings are to be minuted and records kept for inspection by members. The Chairman (or their nominee) shall chair each general meeting and their ruling on points of order shall be final.


7.      Meetings.


Will take place monthly or at other intervals that the committee shall decide.


8.      Finance. 


Monies raised by or on behalf of the Group shall be used to further the aims and objectives set down in this document and for no other purpose whatsoever. The committee may decide that affiliation to other organisations will aid the objectives of the Group. The treasurer shall keep a proper account of the finances of the Group, open a bank account in its name with the proper mandates for payments and shall have the accounts audited and signed off annually for presentation to the AGM. The accounting year shall be from 1 October to 30 September. Three authorising signatories shall be appointed with any two sufficient for signing cheques.


9.      Amendments to the Constitution.


Resolutions to amend the constitution must be received by the secretary at least 28 days prior to a General Meeting and will require a two-thirds majority of attending members to be adopted.

10.  Termination of Membership


A member may choose to resign at any time in writing to the Secretary or will be deemed to have resigned if subscription is not renewed by the time of the AGM. If the conduct or action of any member shall, in the opinion of the committee, be injurious to or inconsistent with the character, objects and interests of the society, the committee shall, if requested, grant the member a hearing before it. If the complaint is upheld the committee may request in writing such member to resign. Any member so requested who does not resign within one month from the date of such a request shall cease to remain a member of the Group.


11.  Dissolution


If at any time the committee decide that it is advisable to dissolve the Group, then it shall convene an extraordinary general meeting having given proper notice in writing to all members in good standing. A two-thirds majority of attending members shall be sufficient to confirm the dissolution. No quorate rules apply.  Assets remaining after the settlement of outstanding debts shall be donated to a local group or organisation engaged in similar pursuits or a charity, all as agreed by the committee.