The earliest known site of Upton's Cricket Ground was the current site of Endsleigh Gardens on land owned by Fred Griffith. When the land was sold a new site was established on the current site of Willow Close. The ground had a pavilion.

Auctioneer Len Wright is credited with being the key instigator of the team. Initially just the one team they later split into two teams with Horace Whaley captaining the B team.

Team photo believed to be c1927

back row l to r
Umpire (possibly) Bert Williamson of Flag Lane; other 5 unidentified
front row l to r
Ken Smethurst; Horace Whaley; Harry Griffiths; Len Wright (Cpt); ??; ??; Frank Hewitt
scorer unidentified

Membership List for Season 1931



Rev. Wilfred Sparling, M.A:



Lady Frost.

Mrs. A. Crompton.

Mrs. G. Lockett.

Sir Charles Cayzer, Bart., M.P.

Sir John M. Frost.

Mr. W. F. Beavan.

,, H. Beresford Jones.

H. Cheers.

A. Crompton.

J. W. R. Crompton.

F. Davies.

E. Dean.

W. Griffiths.

,, R. Johnson Houghton.

J. A. Joseph.

S. Lloyd Jones Lloyd.

C. E. Nield.

G. B. Paterson.

R. Potts.

C. Rae Anderson.

G. C. Scrymgeour.

A. Tyrer.

A. K. Tyrer.



Mrs. H. Beresford Jones.

W. Pearson.
Mr. W. Clayton.

H. E. Crane.

J. T. D. Darbishire.

J. D. Dutton.

S. V. Hawkins.

R. Ithell.

E. Hylton Stew-art.

J. Lightfoot.

E. Lloyd Jones.

D. Lloyd Jones.

M. Pearson.

J. W. Wooliscroft.



Mr. J. G. Blackburn.
E. Davies.
H. Hancock.
F. Hewitt.
S. Jones.
F. Morris.
H. Schofield.
E. R. Wharton.



Mr. T. Burgess.
J. Cheers.
E. Clarke.
A. Couchman.
J. A. Clutterbuck.
J. Davies.
W. Davies.

Mr. W. Dentith.
B. Done.
A. H. Evans.
S. H. Evans.
T. Garner.
H. Griffiths.
J. Ingle.
F. Jones.
L. Jones.
F. Lloyd.
C. Moore.
R. Morris.
D. Newall.
W. Pate.
0. Phillpott.
D. Quinn.
J. Reynolds.
R. C. Richardson.
C. Smethurst.
P. Snelson.
H. G. Taylor.
A. J. Wall.
T. Wall.
H. Whaley.
S. Whaley.
J. Williams.
H. S. Williamson.
J. H. Williamson.
G. Williamson.
W. Woodward.
A. Wooton.
J. Wright.
L. Wright.