Appleton House & Weal Stone now Arradon & Breton with the Donkey field

Until the 1960s this was an open field used for grazing - presumably used by a donkey and hence the name stuck

In the 1960s the land was acquired by Chester City council.

Weal Stone was built first - shown on the 1967 OS. It was sheltered accom just a room bed/wardrobe/chair. Shortly later Appleton House was built with access from Appleton Rd for most of its existance it served as an 'Assessment Centre' accommodating children and young people who were experiencing difficulties within their families. Prior to its closure it had become a Local Children's Centre.

At this time the area to the back was still open ground.

The houses were demolished and Bellways built a new housing estate in the 1990s - Arradon Court and Breton Close.

The land at the rear had been earmarked initially as a public amenity with children's play area. A later decision was made for a small open area with public access and a fenced off area behind as a wild life sanctuary. This all bears the name of the 'Donkey Field'