Frog Hall - formerly John Jones Cottage

the only remaining building has been renovated as Bridge Farm Cottage.

The WI map colours Frog Hall in red to denote it as prior to 1839 but from the 1839 tithe map it can be seen that the two other buildings also shown in red (part of what is now Linksway) were only field in 1839.

No buildings are shown on the 1735 map but the Egerton estate map of 1801 shown here clearly denotes two sets of buildings - the northern block understood to be a compact set of dwellings and what may have been a smallholding (farm-cottage) the southern set. NB - the railway shown on this 1801 map is a later mark-up.

It is not until the 1839 tithe map that a further building - a public house - the Brewers Arms is shown further to the north.

On the 1839 Tithe - what what later viewed as a smallholding is recorded as 'cottage & garden' occupied by Jane Jones rented from Lloyd Bramford. The compact set of dwellings are shown owned by John Axe (the owner of the Victoria Hotel - Upton Cross).

The 1881 census records 30 adults plus children residing in Frog Hall - presumably the compact cottages and the farm cottage together.

By the 1898 OS the farm-cottage is shown increased in size - staying much the same by 1936.

In May 1934 Fred Owen acquired much of the current golf course area. This included the Frog Hall with the farm-cottage now refered to as Frog Farm.

Frog Farm - sometimes known as Bridge Farm (ref 1957 OS) - was used in part by the Golf club but was also let out as a smallholding. It gradually became redown and was condemned for habitation in the late1950s.

For a while the farm-cottage lay derelict and empty and became a haunt for local children.

In 1962 the Humphreys family purchased the property now know as Bridge Farm Cottage and completely renovated it. The set of compact cottages opposite were demolished post-war the site forming the front garden of Bridge Farm cottage. The renovation revealed evidence of a dairy farm - 3 rooms with thick walls, a well and animal area. The living area appeared to be above.

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