Ghost Stories

Inevitably there are a number of ghost stories that have survived down through the are a few

At Upton Farm on the occasion of a wedding a ghost was supposed to have walked through the walls and then disappeared .

There is a tale of a ghostly carriage and pair which used to drive up to the door of Upton Lawn on windy nights.

Upton Hall is said to have been haunted by a monk but not according to the family who lived there. They recount that there was an old lady in black or grey silk who silently walked there but was never seen by any of them. Another tale of Upton Hall recounted by an old lady in the 1970s as told my her grandmother....

An old lady was left in the house while the rest of the family were away for the evening. As she sat quietly sewing in the kitchen she heard a sound like the towel on the door being moved. She turned but saw nothing. A second later she heard the sound again and asked "what do you want?" thinking someone must be at the door. She heard a voice say "follow me". She went in the direction of the voice and was led to a flagstone and told to take it up and she would be rich. She obeyed the instruction and found a lot of money. The voice was never heard again.