Rev L F Harvey

Canon Leslie Francis Harvey lived at Upton Cross from ???? to ???? . A native of The Midlands, he graduated B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Birmingham and M.A., from Balliol College, Oxford.After a period as mathematics master at Westminster School, where he taught Bishop Ellison, he became mathematics master and an assistant chaplain at Shrewsbury School from 1930- 1947. In 1947 he was appointed Headmaster of the King's School, Chester. He, his wife and his two sons lived first in Abbey Green, before moving to Upton Cross, where he continued to live after his wife's sudden death and into some of his retirement. Former pupils will remember him as a reserved person. When administrative duties allowed, he was a gifted mathematics teacher, something of a disciplinarian, and a stimulating and challenging R.E. teacher for those in the Sixth Form. To those in the junior forms,however, he was apt to seem remote. One had to win his respect, but, having done so, he was generous, if judicious, with his praise. In specific and worthy cases, he was capable of great and unexpected kindness. He enjoyed the educational challenges presented to schoolmasters in developing the young and his weekly Friday sermons in the Cathedral to the whole school are remembered as both academic and robust. A particular one in 1956, when he publicly criticised the Eden Government's handling of the Suez Crisis from the pulpit, remains in the memory. Canon Harvey often assisted Canon Wheldon-Williams at services in Upton Parish Church and he is remembered with affection by members of Canon Wheldon-Williams's family. Mrs Harvey was President of the Upton W.I. and supported her husband tirelessly in his duties at the school, where she presided memorably over the King's School Mothers' Guild. After his retirement from the King's School and before moving to South Wales, Canon Harvey was a Diocesan Inspector of Schools for this diocese. He will, however, be permanently and indeed auspiciously remembered as the headmaster responsible for moving the King's School, in the early 1960s, from its Victorian site in what is now Barclay's Bank adjoining the Cathedral to its present and prestigious setting on the Wrexham Road. This massive operation and the building of the new school is a living testament to his foresight, scholarship and powers of organisation. In this respect it is true to say that Canon Harvey is the 'father' of the modem King's School, which was opened with her customary charm, during his headmastership and when Bishop Ellison was Chairman of the Governors, by H.M.Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. He continued to attend the C.A.O.K.S. Annual Dinner into his 90s.

submitted by J.B.Lewis O.K.S.