Sand Pit off Sandpit Lane (now Upton Lane)

There have been many sandpits in the area but this was Upton's main sand pit - very much in the centre of the village and in use for at least a hundred years.

The long established Ithell family were tenant farmers on this Egerton owned land for many generations. The 1839 Tithe survey shows their farm buildings and yard located between the Kingsmead entrance and St. Christophers Close. By the 1872 OS survey the farm builings are gone ( the Ithells having moved back into Upton Hall) and a Clay Pit shown in their place (exact alignment between these two locations not possible)

The Upton Township Minute book records Thomas Ithell being paid 1.0.0 for sand and road repairs in 1829. suggesting he was quarrying sand at that time. With all the building going on in the Chester area and with the nearby brickworks - Ithell may have been providing sand and clay.

By the 1898 OS survey the sandpit and its quarry building is shown as occupying all of the area between the cottages adjoining Rose Cottage adjoining cottages and Long Croft field (see Kingsmead.

A 1927 map showing some land mortgage by Egerton refers to the area as 'sandpit' and by the 1935 OS survey the central (working?) area of the pit as drifted northwestwards -