Deeside Sawmills

Deeside Sawmills was located in Upton prior to its post-WW2 move to Mickle Trafford.

In the 1930s Wilfred G John lived and worked in Newport. Metal windows made by Williams & Williams of Grange Road Chester were shipped to Newport to be enclosed in wooden surrounds. Wilfred John borrowed 500 from his father to start his own business in Chester in 1936 taking over this contract literally doing the job 'on the doorstep'. Ben Williams provided him with premises across the road. Mrs John decided the company name - because Chester was beside the Dee - the Flintshire town of Deeside not existing at that time.

The outbreak of war killed the market for housebuilding and John was forced into finding subsistence work. His machinery was initially stored in the Upton Golf Club until through the builders 'Capstick & Owen' a potential site was found. This was the triangle of ground opposite the Wheatsheaf previously used as a tip. He was able to build a simple corrugated roofed shack and produce field gates and potatoe boxes amongst other local requirements. Such was subsistence that his son Graham recalls his father delivering firewood in winter.

The John family lived initially at 8 Bache Avenue then moving to 128 Liverpool road opposite to the hospital. The firm's machinist - Horace caroll - joined Wilfred John leaving Newport and settling in Upton.

With the firm based in Upton, Eddy Edison became their apprentice working with three others for Mr John.

Post war an MOD depot at Mickle Trafford became available and Deeside Sawmills relocated.