The former St.Marys school

From the WI1951 History of Upton account on education

From the 'Reports on Schools' 1853 inspected 8 Aug 1853 by Rev. H.R.P.Sandford
Mixed - 51 present at examination
6 left within last 12 months
14 admissions within last 12 months
47 - the average in attendance
Buildings very fair;mistress's house very small. Desks along the wall, but not facing it. Books, tolerable supply. Apparatus not sufficient. Organization in four classes, under the mistress and her sister as assistant. Methods fair; pains taken to keep the class attentive. Discipline good. Instruction fair, such as to produce correctness in what is taught. Though not a trained mistress, Miss Frith has her village school in very fair order; the arrangement and plan of working the school is as good as could be expected. Some of the girls answered fairly; the boys were behind hand, especialy in arithmetic. The plan of taking the farmer's children into the National school at a higher rate than the poor (from 3d to 6d weekly) seems to have succeeded here.
from the 1851 census record - Schoolmistress Emma Frith was 28 and her sister Ann 30.

the school around 1950

the class of 1908

see the full school picture of 1907 (large file)

see the list of members of staff

Memories of schooldays in St.Marys 1918 (post-WW1) by Stan Whaley

Memories of schooldays in St.Marys 1936 - 1945 by Anthony Evans

Memories of schooldays in St.Marys during early 1940s (WW2) by Derek Barnett

The school closed in 1998