Upton Drive

The 1899 OS map shows the wedge of land bounded by Liverpool Rd, the railway and Mill Lane to be Nursery. Whether this was part of Dickson's nursery at that time is not known.

A mortgage on 27 July 1927 (2 days before a similar Grey Egerton mortgage on the Dale/Sandpit area) shows the land still denoted as nursery.

Around 1935 Liverpool builders Capstick & Owen bought this wedge of land and soon started building Upton Drive - continueing up to the outbreak of war when only the far end was incomplete. By the 1935 OS survey some first houses on Upton Drive are shown as is a completed Bache Avenue - believed to have been a different builder.

Building restarted post-war with the final few houses at the far end of Upton Drive and with Pine Gardens understood to have been completed before 1950. The far end of Upton Drive had been reserved for a railway station but as this was no longer needed Bill Capstick - who now lived in Upton Park - gave the land to the Scouts and their hut was built in 1957.