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Red - 1839
Yellow - 1839 - 1912
Green - 1912 - 1936
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Upton Hall Brewers Arms and later The Frog Oakfield & Zoo site Nixon's shop Upton Park Upton parish church Upton Heyes the former Upton Villa the former old smithy Upton Village Hall aerial view c1960 Upton Grange (the Farm) Upton Grange - now demolished Upton Lawn - now demolished Rose Cottage Upton Cross post-WW2 smithy - demolished 1990s The Oaks - now the clubhouse Upton Golf Club The Acres Ben Roberts Farm upton riding school Upton Railway station Upton Manor (Heath) school Butter Hill MOD site Upton Heath garage Heath crossroads St.Marys school Millview school Deeside Sawmills built on an old rubbish tip Bache Mill & Pond War Memorial former Cricket Ground Manor House (now demolished) Oak Cottage Bache Hall estate Bache Lodge site of the Bache Mill & Pool The Asylum Upton Lodge Demage Farm The Penfold - for stray animal Upton Farm Plas Newton Newton House Government House (Dorin Court) The Mount & the Children's Cottage Home see farms as in 1839 tithe survey - not available on-line Egerton Arms tree area Bache sidings coalyard 7 - 5 pan from near 102 DicksonsDr - not on www the post-WW2 True Bond homes development farms ar Tithe survey - not available on www Westlea County Primary School The Heath Road / Flag Lane Sth triangle Dorin Park school Rose Cottage / Broomhurst (Newton) The Cockpit village pump Kingsmead Bache shops Upton Drive Bache garage WW2 army camp & ack-ack Chemistry Pits & the sandpit & early brickyard Roman encampment example Ithell's Sand Pit Weston Grove shops Long Lane shops the Heath cottages on corner Caughall Rd the centre of Dicksons' nurseries in Upton pan view 1950s - not available via the Web proposed site of Chester Aeropark in 1929 proposed canal route - 1833 The Weal Stone Upton Rise & two other houses built c1926 The Donkey field & Appleton Hse etc Marlheyes URC Upton Mill Mill Close area Windmill Rise Vicarage & Church Hall Glendales & and later Owen housing The Wheatsheaf The Institute Heywood Lodge - later 'The Firs school' train derailment Egerton's 1899 plans - not available on-line 55 & 57 Heath rd Upper Heath Road Neild Ct & Grangeside & Lawn Drive the Oakfield /Endsleigh Gds dev The big houses on Caughall Road Frog Hall - now only Bridge Farm Cottage